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Gain Skills to Compete in a Global Market

The APEX program comprises three modules or courses designed not only to prepare students for entry into an MBA. The program will (1) prepare students for entry into an MBA and (2) develop students’ communication, learning and language skills to enhance their potential to be successful in graduate education in Canada.

There are three modules (courses) in the APEX program:

  1. Business and financial management
  2. Communication, and Interpersonal and negotiating skills
  3. Entrepreneurship and innovation

The learning outcomes from these three modules align with specific courses in MBA programs in Canadian universities.

Key Information

Core competencies

Module 1: Business and Financial Management

Upon completion of the course, students will be able to:

  1. Outline business structures and approaches to management with specific reference to international business
  2. Outline the principles of financial management, ESG, and responsible investing in capital markets
  3. Appreciate the techniques used in financial analysis, capital budgeting process and financial decision-making
  4. Evaluate sources of short-term and long-term financing
  5. Identify common financial instruments and understand their characteristics
  6. Examine financial management intricacies in managing multinational corporations.
  7. Communicate effectively about financial principles and analysis.

Module 2: Communication, & interpersonal & negotiating skills

Upon completion of the course, students will be able to:

  1. Understanding their innate strengths and having a plan to mitigate their weaknesses through collaboration, engagement with others and negotiating influence when working with others
  2. Articulating purpose and potential contribution to business
  3. Enhancing business communication, negotiation and leadership skills
  4. Deepening understanding of organizational behaviour and leadership
  5. Demonstrating communication skills, including presentation, pitching, interpersonal and group skills as well as effective writing and research capabilities
  6. Understanding the importance of articulating personal capabilities/limitations for self-improvement
  7. Appreciating the impact of culture in making transitions from one culture to another, including differences in personal and business communications

Module 3: Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Upon completion of the course, students will:

  1. Understanding of the entrepreneurship process and the limits of knowledge
  2. Demonstrating the ability to plan for what cannot be predicted using environmental scans, risk analysis etc.
  3. Applying theory to practice through case studies of a range of entrepreneurial and technology-based ventures
  4. Identifying a novel concept and working through the stages of bringing this idea to market
  5. Developing and delivering a pitch in an externally judged pitch competition
  6. Articulating the stages of commercialization, including knowledge of ethical and legal standards in the development and promotion of the ideas for commercialization

Course Schedules & Assessments

The class schedule will comprise:

  • A total of 40 hours of academic work
  • Each module will be available in an on-line format and include:
    • At least one hour of synchronous, interactive delivery with a faculty member per week
    • At least two hours of asynchronous, interactive delivery study or interaction with other learners in the class per week
    • One three-hour of synchronous, interactive group work per fortnight throughout the semester

Assessments will comprise:

  • A series of online weekly activities (including quizzes, reflections, critiques of the work of other members of the class)
  • Case studies, simulations or reviews
  • Demonstration of research, writing and presentation skills
  • Summative and formative evaluations

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