OEG and KNBA Join Forces for Talent Development

Ottawa Education Group and Kanata North Business Association Join Forces for Talent Development

Joining Forces to Offer On-Site Training and Accelerate Talent Development in the Region

(OCTOBER 3, 2023) – The Ottawa Education Group is pleased to announce a partnership with the Kanata North Business Association (KNBA) as an Executive Academic Partner for the new collaborative community space at 350 Legget Drive, known as Hub350.

The Ottawa Education Group is focused on collaborating with Canadian employers, academic institutions, and individual learners to address the skills gap. Hub350 helps us continue to promote Ottawa’s reputation as a hub of innovation and progress, champion transformative learning experiences linked directly to industry needs, and provide a service to local businesses and organizations with information on trends in training and business development.

The Ottawa Education Group has been delivering programs and placing students in the local postsecondary institutions, and bringing international students, programs and revenues to the region. Expanding our reach, in collaboration with other Academic Partners in the Kanata North Business Park, we support on-site training and upskilling courses for current and future employees.

“Our goal is to bring first-class, forward-thinking, industry-focused courses created by national and international educational partners to the Tech Park to offer on-site relevant training,” says Alastair Summerlee, CEO and Founding partner of the Ottawa Education Group. “We are delighted to support the Park’s efforts to accelerate talent development and look to create opportunities to foster both economic growth and community development in Kanata.”

“We are pleased to welcome the Ottawa Education Group as an Academic Partner at Hub350,” said Julia Frame, Director of Partnerships at KNBA. “The Kanata North Business Park already has a number of Academic Partners working on enhancing and promoting research connections and collaboration in the Park, so it is exciting to see the Ottawa Education Group join the Academic Pillar at Hub350, bringing industry-related courses and students to expand our already vibrant community”.

“This partnership will create opportunities to fill the critical talent gap for businesses in the Park. It is exciting to see a mixture of national and international post-secondary institutions collaborating with the Ottawa Education Group to offer courses and programs. This will not only expand capacity and the reach of technologies from the Park, but also this type of cooperation is essential to help solve the serious talent gap we are facing,” says James Mackenzie, serially successful entrepreneur and current CEO of Purecolo in the Park.

The Ottawa Educational Group shares the belief in the power of partnership that underlies the purpose and concept of the collaborative space in Hub350 and will continue to work to bring other educational establishments to support talent development in the Park.

For more information, visit the Ottawa Education Group and Hub350.com.