About Us

About OEG

We are an ed-tech company that manages, administers, and delivers high-quality, relevant, talent development programs. We offer these programs in a way that is flexible, accessible, and always relevant to current and future skills needs.

Our commitment goes beyond redefining education; we aim to be a progressive and innovative beacon in the global educational landscape.

Our Vision

To reimagine the status quo of education globally, fostering a world where every learning experience empowers talent to shape a better tomorrow.

Our Mission

OEG partners with Canadian Universities, Colleges, Industry, and Government to provide accessible, personalized and relevant education and training solutions that harness talent and unlock potential through technology enabled experiential learning.

Industry First Focus

Our Micro Credential Certificates, Diplomas and Degrees provide access to a robust talent pipeline. OEG helps solve problems facing Canadian businesses by enhancing employee and future employee skills. 

Sharan Virmani

Director, International Student Recruitment
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Alastair Summerlee

CEO and Chairman
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Michael Weatherhead

Director, Student Learning
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Harry Sharma

President and COO
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James Mackenzie

Chief Strategy Officer
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Praneal Merchant

Senior Data Analyst
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Lemuel Chuks-Emmanuel

Marketing Coordinator
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Darren Gresch

Director, Corporate Training
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Karla Schulze Torres

Manager, Operations and Administration
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Dana Shaji

Manager, Admissions
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