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SUMMIT is a globally-reaching business development and leadership program designed to empower 16-to 21-year-old students to uncover their passions and develop industry-relevant skills in a dynamic learning environment.

Our focus is on empowering the workforce of tomorrow through flexible, accessible, and relevant programs that cater to current and future skills requirements.

The SUMMIT program consists of 10 asynchronous sessions, each 2 hours in duration. Each of these sessions will also consist of workshops and activities that enable you to actively apply the skills you are learning in the SUMMIT program.

Program Breakdown

10 sessions, 2 hours each.
5/10 standardized sessions
5/10 customizable sessions.
Each session will be accompanied by pre-recorded workshops.

Program Benefits

Certifications: Upon successful completion of the program, students will receive
certifications from OEG.

‘Skills passport’: A document will be provided to the students, which can be
integrated into their curriculum vitae, underscoring the acquired proficiencies and
qualified projects.

Scholarships: The top 25 students in each cohort will receive a scholarship
towards OEG-partnered degree programs of up to $9,000*

Alumni Network: Upon completion of the program, students will gain access to
OEG’s alumni network and a suite of exclusive access to programs and

Learning Outcomes

Confident Communication

Creative and Critical Thinking

Indsutry Relevant Skills & Knowledge

Designing and Delivering an Effective Pitch

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