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SUMMIT is a business development and leadership program to equip high school students with the skills and knowledge to shine in your undergraduate programs. 

The SUMMIT pathway program comprises five modules or courses designed to prepare students for entry into an undergraduate business program (Baccalaureate of Business Administration [BAA] or Commerce {BCom])

The program will:

(1) prepare students for entry into the undergraduate business particularly those degree programs that lead to accreditation in accounting or marketing.

(2) develop students’ communication, learning and language skills to enhance their potential to be successful in undergraduate education in Canada. 

The learning outcomes from these five modules align with introductory-level courses in undergraduate business programs in Canadian universities and colleges.  

Program Benefits

Earn OEG Certifications: Receive recognized certifications once you complete the program   

Priority Admission: Secure your place in your chosen undergraduate program without waiting lists or uncertainties.

Advanced Standing: Successful students will get up to 5 courses credited from an OEG partnered degree

Join a Thriving Network: Connect with experienced professionals and gain exclusive access to programs and opportunities. 

Program Breakdown

Module 1: Introduction to Business   

This course provides an integrated introduction to the economic, social and political context of business and an introduction to some of the key concepts and frameworks that inform the study of management in an international context. It examines the role of management and entrepreneurship, as well as provides an overview of organizational behaviour/human resources, marketing, finance and accounting, production, sales and distribution and the key functions in the business value chain. 


Module 2: Business Research and Communications   

This course will develop students’ written and verbal communication skills as well as problem-solving skills in a business context. It will provide opportunities to learn about the business context of communications and to apply skills to real communications challenges in the workplace, including preparation of business documents, reports and presentations. 


Module 3: Contemporary World History   

This course provides an overarching view of world history during the twentieth and early twenty first centuries. By tracing the aftermath of the Industrial Revolution and imperialism and then the impact of two world wars, the Cold War, post-colonialism and globalization, the course gives students a sense of the forces behind the emergence of the global order we take for granted today. 


Module 4: Critical Thinking   

Critical thinking is the use of reasoning powers to help determine the veracity of information. Through the study of problems, students will become acquainted with formal and informal logic models and tools that can be employed to assess arguments and statements. 


Module 5: Interpersonal Skills and Assessments   

Leadership, interpersonal skills and assessments, and the arts of persuasion, rhetoric, and communication are the key to collaboration, teamwork, and negotiation. 

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