Data Analytics for Environment and Sustainability Professionals Workshop

In today’s rapidly evolving environmental landscape, the ability to harness and interpret data analytics is becoming increasingly critical. This specialized workshop is designed to empower environment and sustainability professionals with the cutting-edge skills and knowledge necessary to leverage data analytics for impactful decision-making and strategic environmental planning.

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Program Highlights

Featured Topics

Fundamentals of data analytics in sustainability, including data collection, analysis, interpretation, and visualization

Complementary 2-Day Workshop

Two 5-hour sessions May 1 to 2 at 12–5pm EDT

Featured Topics

Introduction to geospatial and remote sensing in sustainability contexts

Virtual Option

Sessions are available to join online via a Teams meeting link

Featured Topics

Case studies in climate change, conservation, and sustainability in business

In-Person Option

Or join us at the OEG Learning Hub at 979 Bank Street, Suite 206, Ottawa, ON

Elevate Your Position with Data Analytics

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